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Aftermarket LED replacement bulbs

Aftermarket LED replacement bulbs
August 29, 2010 Administrator

Many people ask us:

Why should I use only Aqua Signal approved bulbs?

Our incandescent bulbs are specifically designed for the marine environment. They have stainless steel bulb bases, with the highest quality filaments in the industry. You will not find a higher quality longer lasting bulb in the marine industry than Aqua Signal OE bulbs.

There has been a recent influx of LED replacement bulbs that have appeared on the market. They are not sanctioned by Aqua Signal, but have been associated with Aqua Signal in an effort to replace our OE certified incandescent bulbs in our products. We are fielding a significant number of calls from customers asking about these LED bulb replacements for our incandescent Navigation Lights.

Aqua Signal traditional navigational lights are approved and certified with original equipment incandescent bulbs only. Our products are subject to strict quality requirements during design and production. Aqua Signal developed and tested each one of our products to insure: color location, light distribution and brightness of the navigation lights to correspond to the specification of the classification societies.

If the prescribed incandescent bulb in an Aqua Signal navigation light is replaced with an LED bulb, the range of the light is reduced, in particular, as a result of low brightness and lack of light distribution. This can result in a significant reduction in safety for the boat and crew. Aqua Signal has done significant testing of many aftermarket LED bulbs on the market and none have met our strict quality requirements.

Aqua Signal would like to clearly state if any bulb not indicated in our catalog is used, the certificate for the light fixtures installed is no longer valid. All warranty claims for products which have been modified without our knowledge and without our agreement, will also be voided and rejected.

Aqua Signal has developed a comprehensive line of original LED navigational lights. Every LED light we manufacture carries world wide approval certificates (available upon your request). With our lights operating as per our designs and recommendations, you are safer all over the world.