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    Aqua Signal provides a premium range of lighting and associated products for the recreational marine industry, as well as the luxury, commercial, military and industrial marine markets. Navigation lights, exterior and interior lights for sail boats and power driven vessels are complemented by clever electrical products to provide intelligent solutions to your needs.

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    From navigation lights through underwater spots to lighting systems for below deck: Aqua Signal offers water sports enthusiasts the powerful equipment to put their sports boats and yachts into the best possible light.

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    LED Lights

    The good news surrounding the hype of LEDs is that Aqua Signal have developed numerous LED navigation lights and other LED lights that will deliver upward of 25,000 hours useful illumination.

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    Top 5 reasons to get Aqua Signal products from us

    You’re in Australia or New Zealand and you want recreational marine lighting. Here are the Top 5 reasons why you’ve come to the right place

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    Aftermarket LED replacement bulbs

    Our incandescent bulbs are specifically designed for the marine environment. They have stainless steel bulb bases, with the highest quality filaments in the industry. You will not find a higher quality longer lasting bulb in the marine industry than Aqua Signal OE bulbs.

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    Be sure it’s genuine Aqua Signal

    Navigation lights are rightly considered ‘life saving equipment’ by the National Maritime Safety¬†Committee; Aqua Signal navigation lights are included in the NMSC’s National Register of Compliant Equipment for your peace of mind.

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