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Top 5 reasons to get Aqua Signal products from us

Top 5 reasons to get Aqua Signal products from us
August 30, 2010 Administrator
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You’re in Australia or New Zealand and you want recreational marine lighting. Here are the Top 5 reasons why you’ve come to the right place:

For more than 20 years Versalux has been the exclusive distributor of genuine Aqua Signal products to Australia and New Zealand

  • That means you know you’re getting the real article, not a cheap copies
  • That means we know the Aqua Signal products and details
  • That means we have the knowledge and the history to fin the best solution for you

We’re Versalux Lighting Systems, a company established by lighting professionals to service the lighting industry professionally

  • That means you can trust us to advise you on your lighting, on board your craft or back on land
  • That means if we know you’ll get benefits from LED lighting products we’ll recommend them, and if we don’t think they’ll benefit you we’ll sell you something that won’t cost you as much
  • That means you’re buying lights from a lighting company, not a general trader who knows little to nothing about the lights you’re buying (would you buy a car from a supermarket?)

Versalux has been in business, with staff and offices and production facilities and warehouses, for over 40 years

  • That means we’re not some ‘virtual’ business operating out of a pc, a bedroom and a garage
  • That means we have established logistics (for orders ranging in size from less than $10 through to multi-million dollar contracts)

We’re local to you

  • That means that Australians and New Zealanders can call our offices and staff during normal business hours for information (and people answer your phone calls, not Automated Phone Systems)
  • That means we operate under Australian and New Zealand codes of practice for businesses.
  • That means your consumer rights are in place and honoured.

We’ll be here tomorrow, if you need us

  • That means you’ve got the peace of mind of after sales service, even if you just need to ask a question once you’ve opened your product
  • That means we want you to come back for all your marine lighting needs
  • That means we want you happy today